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Dave Barry


Dave Barry


Dave Barry was born in Armonk, New York, in 1947, and has been steadily growing older ever since without ever actually reaching maturity. He attended public schools, where he distinguished himself by not getting in nearly as much trouble as he would have if the authorities had been aware of everything. He is proud to have been elected Class Clown by the Pleasantville High School class of 1965.

Dave Barry Dave Barry Dave Barry went to Haverford College, where he was an English major and wrote lengthy scholarly papers filled with sentences that even he did not understand. He graduated in 1969 and eventually got a job with a newspaper named this is a real name the Daily Local News, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he covered a series of incredibly dull municipal meetings, some of which are still going on.

In 1975 Dave Barry joined Burger Associates, a consulting firm that teaches effective writing to businesspersons. He spent nearly eight years trying to get various businesspersons to, for God's sake, stop writing things like "Enclosed please find the enclosed enclosure," but he eventually realized that it was hopeless. So, in 1983 he took a job at The Miami Herald, and he has been there ever since, although he never answers the phone. His column appears in more than 500 newspapers, yet another indication of the worsening drug crisis. In 1988 he won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary, pending a recount. (Many people are still trying to figure out how this happened.)

He has written a number of best sellers including "Dave Barry Talks Back," "Dave Barry Turns 40," "Dave Barry Does Japan," and "Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up."

Dave has written a total of 21 books, although virtually none of them contain useful information. Two of his books were used as the basis for the CBS TV sitcom "Dave's World," in which Harry Anderson played a much taller version of Dave.

Dave plays lead guitar in a literary rock band called the Rock Bottom Remainders, whose other members include Stephen King, Amy Tan, Ridley Pearson and Mitch Albom. They are not musically skilled, but they are extremely loud. Dave has also made many TV appearances, including one on the David Letterman show where he proved that it is possible to set fire to a pair of men's underpants with a Barbie doll.

In his spare time, Dave Barry is a candidate for president of the United States. If elected, his highest priority will be to seek the death penalty for whoever is responsible for making Americans install low-flow toilets.

No two speeches of Dave Barry's are exactly the same. He brings his hilarious sense of humor to your stage and offers up his wacky point of view on relationships, work, kids, technology, and life in general.

At the lecture podium, Dave Barry has a one of a kind wit that has the power to electrify an audience. His program of contemporary commentary is perfect for any group wishing to explore the social quirks and calamities that make living in the new millennium such a unique experience.

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Born: New York / born nNewYork Armonk / born ArmonkNY
           July 3, 1947

Based: Florida / based nFlorida
  Miami, Fort Lauderdale area / based MiamiFL

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