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Ross Johnson

"He knows what you're thinking!"

Ross Johnson - booking information Who is Ross Johnson? Simply stated, he is America's number one – and most successful – psychic performer and entertainer.

Ross Johnson knows that you're skeptical about ESP! He knows you don't believe in mind reading, second sight or mental projection. He also knows...what you're thinking!

For more than two decades Ross Johnson has entertained, mesmerized and mystified audiences with his astounding and unexplainable mental skills. He has amazed even the most cynical skeptics with his remarkable ability to see what can't be seen or hear what can't be heard.

Ross Johnson has appeared at exclusive hotels, local clubs, cabarets, diner theaters, sales meetings and corporate conventions throughout the world. The list of corporate clients who have seen Ross perform reads like a "Who's Who" of the Fortune 500.

Much more than simply a showman, Ross Johnson is a perceptive performer and a highly polished entertainer who leads his audience through an interactive and highly participative experience. His personal enthusiasm, engaging personality and professional demeanor add to the wonder of his virtually limitless repertoire of mind reading and mental projection. Audiences are spellbound by his intuitive powers and his master of the psychic art. His mental feats also generate a profound sense of mystery that seem to defy rational explanation. Ross Johnson does not merely involve members of the audience, he astounds them.

His ability to read minds is uncanny! Ross is a master of intuition and demonstrates effective methods of memory and mental imaging that have thrilled and confounded audiences world-wide.

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, when it comes to psychic powers or ESP, you can be sure of one thing Ross Johnson will amaze you with his performance!

He will meet your entertainment needs –

  • Quality presentations for any function
  • Adaptability to any performing venue
  • Versatility of presentation – after dinner entertainment, sales & business meetings, motivational speaking, trade shows, hospitality suites

Ross Johnson may be available for your next special event!

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Based: Illinois / based nIllinois
  Chicago area / based ChicagoIL area
  Inverness / based InvernessIL

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