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How To Get Talent For Your Budget


Are you seeking musical talent, but do not know who you might afford for your budget?

De La Font Agency will be glad to help.

Let’s start with a basic understanding of price quoting.

Prices are typically discussed as “artist’s fee” plus “all costs”. For example, “$50,000 plus all costs, such as travel, lodging, local production, etc.”  There are exceptions. However, this method of quoting an artist’s fee is very common.

You will be asked to discuss artists in terms of the artist’s fee – NOT in terms of your TOTAL budget.

For proper planning, if your “total” budget for the show is $75k, you will need to be looking for an act in the $40k-$50k range.

For a quick estimate of the extra costs associated with an artist, you might consider using the “50% rule”.
This means, add an extra 50% to the artist’s fee to arrive at an estimate for the total costs, i.e. “talent fee” plus “costs/expenses”.

For a $50k act, add an extra $25k to your talent-fee budget, to arrive at an estimate of $75k for the total cost of the show. This is strictly a rough estimate for determining a budget quickly. The actual total costs could very well be more, or less.

Now, you will want to learn who you might be able to get for your budget. So, the next step is to simply send us your request. Complete and submit the information request form.

On the form, you will need to indicate your preferred music style or genre, such as “country” or “country-rock“. Feel free to list more than one preference, such as “country, pop/rock, or alternative rock“.

Indicate your preferred price range for “talent fee”. A typical range might be indicated as one of the following: “$35k-$50k, $50-$75k, $75k-$100k, $100k-$150k, $150k-$300k, $300k-$500k, etc.” We refer to this as your “comfortable budget” range. It is not necessarily what you can afford, but what you are prepared to spend for this particular event. Remember to have an extra/separate budget of 50% to cover the anticipated extra costs. Of course, your indicated budget range needs to be a numerical figure, so we can attempt to stay within your budget.

Once we receive your submitted information, we can provide a list of suggestions within this price range. Please be aware that we do ask that you provide the most accurate “budget” range when you submit your information. It makes sense to only discuss names that are affordable for your indicated budget. 

The form you will be using will have minimum budget requirements clearly posted.

We do want and appreciate your business. Consider us part of your “team”.

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