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Helpful tips regarding this web site.


There are more than 5000 pages on this site. You may find the following navigation tips useful while exploring.

Logo navigation -- Click on any De La Font logo to return to our home page. (Exception: On our home page, the logo link goes to the "Entertainers Directory", a.k.a. the site directory or site map.)  "Home"

Fast Index -- This is a very handy index with minimal graphics, to speed your navigation around our site. If you access our site frequently, you might consider using this as your entry (book-marked) page, instead of our home page. (The Fast Index page loads much faster.) This is the entry page we use for our own offices. Click here:  "Fast Index". 

Special links to the Fast Index page -- We have placed a hyperlink on every artist's page that will allow you to jump directly to the Fast Index page. This special hyperlink is a double asterisk and looks like this -- ** . At the very top of the artist's primary page is a line of small text. Usually, the link can be found at the extreme right of this line.


Viewing and Printing

We have special trouble-shooting tips for anyone who is having difficulty viewing our pages or having problems with print quality. For "viewing" problems go to our "Visitor's Page". For problems with printing pages, go to "Printing".


Our customers

Our customers are talent buyers. If you are a talent buyer, whether a full-time professional or buying talent for the first-time, contact us with the information about your organization and your event. Our specialty is providing recommendations for talent that is suitable for your event and affordable. Go to "Recommendations".


Other requests

Songwriters and comedy writers - Please read our courtesy notice to writers at "For Writers Only".


Requests by artists

For artists or managers -- Do you have an act that you would like to see listed on our site? Read "For Artists Only".



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